the poetry annals


annal /ˈan(ə)l/
(n.) a record of one item in a chronicle

Here at The Poetry Annals, we like to keep records; snapshots of poetry suspended in time. We focus on one poet, and one collection per month, every month (collaborative works are definitely welcome, however). Each collection is between 5 and 15 pages and will be published on the 28th of each month.

​By virtue of this, we’re highly selective, so send us work you love. We want to love it too. We’re looking for collections, not individual poems, so we’ll either take all of it, or none of it. This isn’t meant to put pressure on you at all; we want to see you as an artist, you as a creative entity. We want to understand how your poetry interacts with itself.​ We’re particularly interested in hearing from those from marginalised backgrounds, whether that be because of race, socio-economic class, gender, sexuality or otherwise.​ We want the work we publish to be precise, to be diverse, to be powerful. We’d like you to join us.